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Brace your taste buds for possibly revolting consumables

Baby mice decomposed for a year to make wine

Baby mice wine, as it’s called, is a traditional Chinese drink, which is brewed by drowning baby mice, maximum three days old, in rice moonshine and letting them ferment in the bottle for about a year! According to local Chinese folklore, mouse wine is a cure to just about any illness imaginable, including asthma and liver problems among others.

POOPDrink made from human poop

Tongsul is a Korean drink that is made from a rather weird raw material, human faeces! Poop is fermented for seven days, then mixed with alcohol before being served. Partakers claim it tastes like rice wine!

Bird saliva soda

The nest of a bird called a swiftlet is a very priced delicacy in some parts of Asia. During breeding season, the bird builds its nest using saliva. The saliva then dries up and hardens. It is then collected and extracted to be used in making carbonated soda!

Bile extracted from live cobraBILE

Go ahead and get yourself one live cobra! In Vietnam, there is a drink made from raw cobra bile, which is apparently served from the source as you watch! In markets where the drink is sold, the buyer pin-points a cobra of choice. The reptile is then killed, cut open and the gallbladder removed. Bile is then extracted, mixed with some wine and served on the spot. Enjoy!

FROG-JUICEFrog juice anyone?

A critically endangered species, the titicaca water frog is used by some Peruvians who turn the frog into juice. The amphibian is killed, skinned then blended with carrots and honey to make a drink!

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