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Romain Virgo’s ‘Love Sick’ hit continues to make waves

Despite extensively touring many countries since hitting the limelight six years back, you’ve never performed in Africa.

It is my first time here and I want to make an impression for people to remember. I want to experience every moment that comes along with it.

You’re set for a meet-and-greet appearance at the popular Space Lounge Club, Ngong’ Road, on Friday night ahead of your much-anticipated KICC concert on Saturday.

It’s gonna be crazy. I can’t wait to perform in Kenya.

So what can we expect from your maiden trip?

The Unity Band and I are here to give something that will last a lifetime. I have heard from my friends about Kenya, its people, the culture and the breathtaking scenaries it has to offer. It’s a dream come true coming here. I want to visit so many places and hopefully see a lion for the first time in my life. Reggae has a huge following and I can’t wait to meet them all.

What’s the inspiration behind your music?

About 80 per cent of my lyrics are from true stories, while others are from ideas or stories I have heard around me. I also get inspiration from different media. Negative or positive, there is always a story to be told in each.

Word is, you’ll be hitting the studio with Kenyan star Vivian. When can we expect the track?

At the moment, I am a busy working on my forthcoming album, so most definitely in the near future. Vivian is talented and I’d love to work with her, but until the album is out, my hands are tied.

Walk us through your musical journey briefly.

In Romain Virgo, my first album was a compilation of the songs I had put together and whilst introducing myself to the world. But the system was more organised. My upcoming album, Love Sick is a different story. I want it to be better than both. It is a beautiful love story.

Advice to young artistes.

Believe in yourself and that you can do anything, then work hard towards your goals. It’s hard for one to move when you don’t have a team. You need to find people who are serious and will take your career to a higher level, people who share same vision as you. Sometimes it takes long for people to connect with your work, but once you do music that has meaning to people, then it will take you far.

You draw quite a wild female fan base. How do you deal with that?

They are an important part of my fan base. I try to focus on my music and make more music for them. That’s what it makes me happy every time I step on the stage.

From the type of music you make, many may stereo type you as a lover boy. What are your thoughts on this?

I think there is some sort of balance I try to create. There are songs that I do based on where I come from, and it connects people from around the world and I can’t runaway from that. When making music, there are things I consider and for me, my fans comes first. I write songs about real life situations and struggles that people go through.

Your hit Love Sick, you were to work with Tarrus Riley. What happened?

I wrote the song for Tarrus. However, he wasn’t able to record it because he was busy on tour. My manager and producer loved it, giving me the go ahead to record. Tarrus is an artiste, I have much respect for him. This is a normal thing for any song writer.

What made you drop out o school?

Music is jealous. I’m planning on going back, but at the moment I am travelling alot. That’s why I decided to put it on hold.

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