Kiambu police accused of illegal arrests, extortion of residents

Walking in Kiambu town between 7pm and 11pm is increasingly dangerous. Ironically, it has nothing to do with the possibility of running into thugs but the police, the very people who should be protecting citizens.

The police have been accused of harassment and extortion of innocent people going home at the close of business.

Those who are unlucky to meet the police are bundled into police vehicles, according to locals who spoke to People Daily. One is forced to spend the night in a cell for failure to give in to their cash demands. According to Lewis Thiong’o a victim, he was arrested at 10 pm after closing his car-washing business. He was only set free after parting with Sh1,000.

Another victim, John Kiragu said he spent the night in a police cell after he was accused of loitering. Kiragu was unlucky since he had only Sh500 on him.

The following day, he was arraigned in a Kiambu court where he had to plead guilty to charges of being drunk and disorderly to secure his release.

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