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When offsprings turn against parents in frivolous lawsuits!


Blood may be thicker than water,but apparently,this binding factor does not stop aggressive sons and daughters from taking legal actions against their begetters…

Teen sues his mother for hacking social media account

In 2010,then 16-year-old Arkansas teen sued his mother for hacking into his Facebook account,changing his password and posting embarrassing personal information .Court prosecutors charged then 42-year -old Denise new with harassment,noting that Arkansas law protects against that alarms or annoys another person.In short, News’s son sued his mom for being annoying.

DIVORCELegally divorced parents

Gregory Kingsley took steps to legally ‘divorce’ his parents in 1992.After being left by his mother and mistreated by his alcoholic father,he was put into foster care and later adopted by Attorney/child welfare advocate,George Russ.Russ convinced Gregory to take the the ‘unusual step of legally disowning his parents’.

After a two-day trial, it was ruled that ‘by clear and convincing evidence, almost beyond a reasonable doubt,the child has been abandoned and neglected by his mother and that it [would be] in his manifest best interest’ to terminate the mother’s parental rights.Full custody was awarded to the Russ.Apparently ,Kingsley’s father never contested the decision.

Lad contested circumcision

When William Stowell’s mother gave birth, she decided to have him circumcised.Eighteen years later in 2001,William sued CIRCUMCISIONthe hospital and his mother’s doctor for performing the surgery, noting that the foreskin provides ‘vital protection and sexual function’ that he no longer had.In 2003,both the doctor and the hospital settled out of court with Stowell for undisclosed sum.

ALLOWANCEJobless 25-year-old demands a monthly allowance

A jobless Spanish 25-year-old sued his parents wanting the court to compel them to pay him a monthly allowance of an equivalent of sh58,000.He further wanted the court to bar his parents from compelling him to move in his own apartment.Needless to say, the judge dismissed his complaint and ordered him to move out of their home and find  job!


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