Gachagua willing to reconcile with MCAs

James Murimi @Jamesmurymy

Nyeri Governor Nderitu Gachagua has told Senate special plenary session that he is willing to reconcile with Members of County Assembly who had impeached him and pledged to join them in apologising to the residents. He also told the House yesterday that he is willing to take full responsibility if the senators resolve to endorse his impeachment.

“As a leader in Nyeri, I want to say that when the dust has settled, it is important for us to sit down with MCAs and get back on the track of service delivery because even as we fight, quarrel and shift blame, the people of Nyeri are getting hurt.

The MCAs and I will make an apology to the residents of Nyeri and get back to work,” said Gachagua. He continued: “If the cross is laid at the governor’s door, I am prepared to carry it. But so far, I have not had a single incident where I have been targeted and accused of not taking responsibility.

Looking at all these issues that have been raised, it will be clear whether I will be asked to carry the cross”. Gachagua affirmed that though he has been in and out of office due to his ailment, service delivery in the county has been going on undeterred.

At the same time, the governor through his lawyer Peter Wanyama dismissed the charges leveled against him, terming them as baseless, premature and lacking to achieve the constitutional threshold. Wanyama defended Gachagua, saying the County Government Act gave him exclusive prerogative of assigning his officers different portfolios as well as appointing acting officers.

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