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Sh53m to speed up clearance of cargo in Mombasa


Cargo transporters from the port of Mombasa have received a boost to speed up evacuation of goods through road, increase performance and competitiveness of the Northern Corridor.

The move comes after Trade Mark East Africa (TMEA) committed Sh53 million to support Kenya Transporters Association (KTA) in a partnership agreement that will boost interventions expected to improve safety and service delivery.

This will be done through improved compliance with transport laws and industry standards, enhanced legal protection of transport business and structural improvements. CEO Frank Matsaert said the project set to run for three years is expected to contribute to enhanced road-freight transport productivity, performance and competitiveness.

This came as an impact assessment study of the Northern Corridor attributed poor truck turn-around to poor cargo off-take and delivery infrastructure, delays by transporters to pick cargo after release from the port, delays within transporters facilities, and high frequency of stoppages along the Northern Corridor by drivers.

The study says on average, Kenyan trucks are presently doing between 60,000-96,000 kms/truck/year driving transport costs to an estimated 30 per cent of the value of traded goods. In the most efficient trade corridors, the average kms/truck/year is between 120,000 to 150,000.

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