Government faulted for Kerio Valley insecurity


Political leaders from Marakwet East constituency have faulted the National government over the manner in which it was addressing the decade-long conflicts pitting their community and their Pokot neighbours over pasture and water.

Led by area MP Bowen Kangogo and the chairperson of Anti-FGM board Linah Kilimo (pictured), the leaders questioned the casual manner the government was handling worsening security situation along Kerio Valley and yet lives continue to be lost in the attacks.

“The government seems to be lenient on the aggressors instead of tackling the insecurity problems with the seriousness the matter deserves to enable scores of families who have fled their homes to return,” said Kangogo.

Speaking to the press at various venues in Eldoret, the leaders said it was unfortunate that members of the local community have been left under the mercy of raiders.

They said that several lives have been lost and thousands of livestocks stolen by armed raiders despite the presence of armed administration and regular police backed by a team of anti-stock theft unit personnel in the region.

“We do not want to hear any more sounds of gun fire along the Kerio Valley as has been the trend in the recent past,” said Kilimo who is also former Cabinet minister.

They were reacting to last week’s attack allegedly perpetrated by alleged Pokot raiders at Embobir of Marakwet East constituency who killed three people before fleeing with several animals.

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