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Reality TV star, Pendo talks about her wardrobe choices

Reality TV star, Stacey Brianar aka Pendo is a bubbly soul. She tells Faith Kyoumukama what it takes to woo her while she reminisces on retro trends that  caught her eye way back

My signature style is original. I keep it unique and reinvented because it describes my personality. Five must have items every girl should spend on are cologne, good human hair, an every-day ‘it’ bag, great pairs of shoes ranging from heels to flats and manicured nails.

If I could raid any celebrity wardrobe, it would be Victoria Kimani’s or Beyonce’s. They all have an neat factor that reflects on the choice of their looks. They are trendsetters of our generation and more to come.

Screen Shot 2016-09-14 at 8.54.31 AMOne place I would definitely enjoy shopping would be Paris. Every dime in my pocket would be spent making it my ultimate surreal fashion experience. It doesn’t happen everyday, so when it does, I’ll shop like tomorrow doesn’t exist.

How I wish peplums would disappear. I think they are overrated and should be be flashed out. They came, we embraced them, but they have now been overdone. It doesn’t matter which fabric they come in. They must be ditched.

A Kenyan celebrity who qualifies for a makeover is Vivianne. She could use a better-looking image; something that makes her stand out even more.

I can’t stop buying cologne. I have a dozen that allow me to constantly change my fragrance whenever I feel like.

I loved the ‘90s three-quarter pants. They reached a pinnacle when they could be found in all stores. They were made out of synthetic performance fabric like nylon with cargo pockets and a drawstring hem. That was one of the ‘90s cool looks. I almost forgot about the bandana. It got you extra points if worn right.Screen Shot 2016-09-14 at 8.55.42 AM

A man in a suit and expensive shoes is not enough for me. Neither is one with a unique wristwatch. What attracts me to a man is the scent. It is everything that is required to seal the deal.

My latest beauty discovery is contouring. For centuries, make-up artists have been using highlighting and contouring on celebrities, but it wasn’t until recently that it became part of everyone’s makeup routine. It beautifully enhances one’s look when done with precision.

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