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Earning from old belts

Chebet Korir @chebetkorir

Once you get tired of an old leather belt or once it’s not usable anymore because it has weared off, there’s still plenty you can do with it. A leather belt can be repurposed in many different ways. Some of the new uses are quite interesting and ingenious.

Use it as a jewellery display

One of the easiest ways of reusing your belt is a jewellery display. This works especially well for pins and brooches.

Napkin rings

A single leather belt can be used to make several great napkin rings. Cut it into small pieces, punch holes in each one and overlap the edges. Glue the pieces together or use other means to put them together.

Use to add flair around the house

The right type will look amazing for hanging a wall clock or encircling a decorative basket. Turn it into a headband If your favourite belt has broken in two, never fear. It may be salvageable if you just rework it for a head band. All you need is a pair of scissors and a short length.

Book purse

It’s made of three books glued together and a handle made from an old leather belt and your book purse is as good as new.

Stylish leather belt curtain tieback or leather curtain binder

Use a leather belt curtain tie backs or leather curtain tie backs for your kitchen area, or foyer. They’ll make your home look smart and chic at the same time.

Camera strap

It is truly smart to reuse your old yet favourite belt as your camera strap.

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