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Malvin Sande aka DJ Sadic

 Best thing about being a DJ

It’s a lot of fun. I get to do what I love and still get paid at the same time. My passion and my hobby is now my work. It is the best feeling ever, to get paid for doing what you love and having fun while at it.

Worst childhood memory growing up

I cannot remember the exact year, but once while playing, some boy made a comment about my mother that did not go down well with me and I hit him and he bled. What followed was his mother coming over to tell my mum and I got a beating that I have never forgotten till today.

Worst public experience

It was sometime in 2010 when I was deejaying at a wedding. Normally, the machines are placed on tables and in this case, it was a foldable table. At some point, in the full glare of the audience, the tables decided to unfold and my decks almost tumbled down. It was a real struggle with guys rushing to help me save my decks from falling. I was all over the place with my hands and legs. It is still my most embarrassing moment.

Best movie, currently

I am a sucker for comic flicks. Right now, I love Central Intelligence by Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson. They crack me up.

Best food

Well, it is actually rice and beans. I know, it is a really simple meal, but it is my favourite. However, anything accompanied by chicken goes too.

Best place visited

Back in 2011 while on an African tour with Juliani, we visited Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia among others. South Africa was my best. That place is amazing and the crowd was great. I would love to go back someday.

Best book

The book is called Outliers by Malcom Gladwell. Any businessperson should have a read. It gives tips and helps focus perspective when it comes to making money smartly.

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