Nineveh followers dismiss law

African Israel Nineveh Church followers led by their Archbishop John Mwelesa have dismissed the referendum held on Sunday by the splinter group to change the constitution of the church.

Rev Evans Chadiva led faithful to hold referendum at the church headquarters at Jebrock in Vihiga county which was closely monitored by heavy security of police officers. Mwelesa accused his rival of failing to include his followers in the referendum saying the church will not recognise their decision.

“We shall not accept the referendum held by Rev Chadiva and his followers. Only his followers participated in the referendum,” said Mwelesa. Old constitution He said the church will continue using the old constitution which states that the Archbishop will hold his position until death and elections will be allowed to change the leadership of the church.

Mwelesa is at war with Chadiva over the leadership of the church, the conflict that has led to loss of lives and injuries among their adherents. Chadiva said they held peaceful referendum and he will ensure it is adopted to change the leadership of the church.

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