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Carl Tundo makes easy work in weekend Rally Raid in Lukenya

Legendary four-time Safari Rally winner Carl “Flash” Tundo put aside his recent third-place finish in the KCB Safari Rally Nanyuki leg to emerge overall winner in the JCB Ganatra Rally Raid 4 which culminated over the weekend in Lukenya and Konza.

Navigated by Tim Jessop in a Milner R4 which is powered by a BMW engine Tundo cleared the ground with all his opponents. “It’s such a great feeling that we have again managed to win overall title at the raid. Flash has been driving really well for the three outings we have been with this car,” said Jessop who is Flash’s regular navigator in the Kenya National Rally championship.

Flash was literally flying after clutch and navigation issues on day one to consolidate his lead on the championship. Defending champion Ross Field maintained his dogged campaign in search of back-to-back championship success by emerging the victor in the car class. Robbie Calder finished second overall in bikes class.

Shazar Anwar, son of three-time former Kenya rally champion Azar Anwar rode his Can Am quad bike to victory thus eclipsing his race adversaries in awesome fashion. Chris Wahome riding a Yamaha Raptor came home second in quads class. Vincent Boulanger emerged the winner in the buggy class.

Ross Field was all smiles after victory and this is what he had to say: “The VCCCK organised Raid was all good. The route was technical with lots of navigation but day two the grass was very long, so a bit slow on the bikes and cars had the advantage.

We did two loops, so second loop was much faster as cars had cleared the path,” Ross explained. Legendary Ian Duncan suffered intercooler issues and with defending car class champion Gray Cullen having to contend with rear diff gremlins but he managed to get going again after some time.

Former car class champion Adin Haq ‘Paps’ and his partner Riyaz Ismail weren’t that lucky. “Well for us Raid 4 was a very interesting event…a super route, a big thumbs up to the organisers. We had “some bad luck” this weekend. On Friday the car developed a wiring problem which was sorted in the wee hours on Saturday morning.

Saturday we started well on attack mode but we incurred a 15 minutes penalty for not driving on the designated route. “Lady Luck deserted us we had double punctures just 4km into loop 1 and to make matters worse we had barbed wire tangled around hubs and diff cutting the brake pipes.

Managed to sort out brakes and opted to do the final loop which we finished but all in the name of motor sport.. Thanks Gavin Bell, Adin Haq and Paps rally team crew a epic weekend. Looking forward to the final raid of the year,” paps navigator Riyaz said.

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