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Matiang’i should keenly follow ongoing blame game on school unrest

Some 118 dormitories have gone up in flames in just a month and by the time you read this, the number could be more, given the frequency of arson attacks in schools. And as common during crisis, the blame game is on —Opposition is accusing the government, the government thinks corrupt teachers are to blame, teachers feel withdrawal of cane left them no means of instilling discipline among the teenagers.

Meanwhile, the learners say society has forgotten them and is seeking attention, society thinks it’s parents who have neglected their responsibilities… But can’t it be that everyone is right and, therefore, we all are contributors to this problem? Ultimately, the buck stops with policymakers ­—the government. However, Education CS Fred Matiang’i and co. needs to tap from this blame game, a point here and another there. At the end, he will have a wholesome solution, patched from all the small grievances floating around.                                         

—Kimathi Mutegi

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