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Would Magufuli’s style of leadership work in Kenya?

Last week, Tanzania unveiled the longest cable-stayed bridge in the region, the magnificent Sh13 billion, 680-metre long Kigamboni Bridge in Dar es Salaam. It revived the “Tanzania is flying, Kenya is doing so backwards” talk .

However, it would be fair to note that Nairobi has made immense strides, especially in infrastructure, in the past 15 years. It is also good to note that governments work with blueprints which could stretch over several regimes. The bridge Magufuli launched, for example, was started in 2012.

Some of the projects President Uhuru Kenyatta has inaugurated will be unveiled by a different leader. But most important to note is that you do projects according to your need. Dar es Salaam is a port city like Mombasa and having such a bridge makes sense.

In Nairobi, we could go absolutely nuts for the sake of competition and construct one across the biggest water body in the city, the Uhuru Park ‘lakes’. However, the by-passes (which cost Sh41 billion) are more practical. Finally, it is good to understand that Uhuru and Magufuli are operating under radically different constitutions.

Some ‘awesome’ stunts the Tanzanian president is pulling, especially in fighting graft, his Kenyan counterpart would be impeached for the same. Let’s appreciate ours as we demand accountability and efficient service delivery. Just send us a picture of the problem and we shall highlight it.

(We shall make the problem you are facing visible to the persons responsible. Send a nicely taken picture indicating clearly where the problem is to [email protected])

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