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Eight biggest producers in the Kenyan music industry

With the diversity that is Kenyan music, Emmanuel Ntoyai highlights the biggest producers in the Kenyan music industry and what makes them the very best there is

Music made in Kenya is a strange product. While it’s consumers are on a high-low, depending on the immediate preference, it still continues to labour and ward off competition to give it space to grow.

There are few individuals who have taken it upon themselves to make sure that this noble initiative of making Kenyan music the very best in the world is a success. While in Kenya we call them music producers, else where they are known as Sound Engineers. Here are Kenya’s current hit makers.


Nixon Wesonga
Nixon Wesonga

His real name is Nixon Wesonga and he is a self taught music producer. He is also a talented singer and a rapper. He is currently at Grandpa Records and was recently made the Vice President of the stable.

His hits include Kamua leo, Hivyo Ndio Kunaendaga, Mapepo and Mbilikimo Mkora; the three editions of Fimbo among other hits. Anytime you hear the sign tune, Na imetoka Grandpa, there is a high probability it’s Visita behind the mixer.

For Paul Kibukosya, music literally runs in his DNA. Heck his grandpa was amongst the six composers of the national anthem.

Paul Kibukosya

Ulopa who comes from a musical family fell in love with music at a tender age. After university education, he joined his aunt Suzanne Gachukia, at Samawati Studio.

After a couple of years, he left the Riara based studio to start his own that is located at South B Estate. He has done a number of hits including Gyal by Shavey n Slice, Psycho and Magentic with Kleptomaniax, We be happening all stars and Dirunk amongst other hits.

Rap Damu
Following the departure of Kenrazy from Pacho Entertainment, his long time ally Rap Damu took over the reigns of the studio and worked his Abracadabra. Soon after, the recording studio started making hit after hit.

Paul Kibukosya
Paul Kibukosya

Rap Damu produced Wele Wele by Timmy, which took the country by storm. A rapper by his own right, Rap Damu went on to make more music including Wale Wabaya, which he did with Frasha.

He enlisted the help of other producers including Cedo and Jack on the Beat, to meet the growing demand of his sign tune, Na tuko tu pacho kwani boss iko nini!

Kevin Provoke

Kevin Provoke
Kevin Provoke

Kevin Omondi aka Provoke is one of the best producers, especially when it comes to tight hiphop tracks. The award winner producer began his career as a sound engineer at Sub-sahara Records before founding Provoke music in 2013.

He has produced for the likes of Nonini, Chess, Xtatic, Bamzigi, Cannibal, Mumbi and Kaka Empire crew.

Some of the songs he has produced include; I wish by Cannibal, Down Low by K-Letta and Sapologo, which was part of his Dance Africa project.

Saint P
Patrick Mbaru Kazungu, is a gospel music producer and singer who started his grind sometime back as a dancer. Patrick has kept his brand shining by producing great hits that have rocked the gospel charts.

Patrick Mbaru Kazungu
Patrick Mbaru Kazungu

Let me joggle your memory and take it back to 2012, remember Sari Sari by DK Kwenye Beat featuring Anto Neo Soul? He is also behind Me and My House by Eko Dydda, I Live For You by BMF, Manyunyu by Jimmy Gait and Rufftone, Lover by Bahati, Nakupenda by Anto Neo Soul.

MG Records
Few people know his face or know that he is also a rapper, but for Martin Obudho, making hit music songs has been in his lane.

Martin Obudho

Born in Nairobi’s Jerusalem estate, MG grew up influenced by Hiphop. However, when he found out that making his own beats and mixing them sounded better than his producer, he took the matter into his own hands and the rest is history.

So far, he is the brains behind Hart the Band’s Uliza Kiatu, and Nikikutazama.

He is also behind Gillad Milo’s Sema Milele, Rangi ya Bahari, Unajua and Cece’s I’m a Doer featuring Octopizzo.

Jacky B
Music lessons were handed down to him everynight as his father was a music producer.

Jacky B whose real name is Jacob Otieno, made his first major hit Wanangoja Nianguke by Dunco featuring and Hey Z and from there, he has made a name fo himself in the industry.

His magic fingers have worked on Furi Furi Dance and Signature by Jimmy Gait, Psalms 23 by Ekko Dydda, Mateke and Afadhali Yesu by Size 8, Vanity and Kazi Ya Msalaba by Daddy Owen, Najua Upo by Danny Gift and many more.

Philip Makanda

He has established his name in the music industry and has now ventured into events  through his studio, Mainswitch Sounds. Those close to him call him Philo. Since then, he released Kipepeo, Huu Mwaka, Kioo, Tosheka, Injili and Same girl.

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