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US election 2016: Clinton, Trump rack up more wins on Super Tuesday polls

Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump have both won the most states in the biggest day of the race for the US presidential nomination.

Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee and Virginia were among the states where both triumphed. Mr Trump was defeated by Ted Cruz in Texas and Oklahoma.

Democrat Bernie Sanders won three, including his home state of Vermont.

Super Tuesday sees 11 states voting on the biggest single day ahead of the 8 November presidential election.

The former secretary of state and real estate mogul entered Super Tuesday as the favourites to win the vast majority of states for their respective parties.

In her victory speech on Tuesday, Mrs Clinton appeared to already be looking towards a potential presidential race against Donald Trump, saying: “The stakes in this election have never been higher and the rhetoric we’re hearing on the other side has never been lower.”

Donald Trump, for his part, insisted that he was a “unifier” who could put internal fighting in the Republican party behind him to focus on a general election race against Mrs Clinton.

“Once we get all this finished, I’m going after one person – Hillary Clinton,” he told reporters in Florida, where he has been campaigning ahead of the state’s vote later this month.

The billionaire also insisted he had “expanded the Republican party”, referring to higher turnout from a broad demographic in states that have already voted.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz called on his rivals to drop out of the race, which he says would enable him to contend Mr Trump’s lead more effectively.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio, who was hoping to emerge as the main alternative to Mr Trump, won his first state on Tuesday in the Minnesota caucuses. -BBC

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