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#TOWhomItMayConcern: When you seek a job and get it, then, please do it…!

We all have jobs to do. Sometimes, we excel, other times, we flop, due to negligence or incompetence.

In the private sector, failure is hardly tolerated. However, when the employer is the public, even though the damage is direct to the masses, the responsible officials often get away with it.

From roads that are impassable to garbage-clogged side streets, it is inexcusable when authorities, put in office to make space liveable and sustained there by people’s taxes, refuse or exhibit inability to act.

How long can suffering Kenyans put up with those who abuse their responsibility to serve?  Ask them through, ‘To Whom it May Concern’.                            

 —Kimathi Mutegi (We shall make the problem you are facing visible to the persons responsible. Send a nicely taken picture indicating clearly where the problem is to  [email protected])

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