Panic at Mombasa’s Mwembe Tayari as ‘dog’ hops out of arriving bus

Monica Kagia @PeopleDailyKe

There was drama at Mombasa’s main bus terminus in Mwembe Tayari yesterday morning after word sread that one of the arriving passengers from Nairobi had mysteriously turned into a dog.

Some witnesses claimed a male adult dog, which appeared exhausted, was seen hopping out of the bus from Nairobi as it came to a stop near its booking offices, causing panic amongst the travellers.

None of the passengers from the bus in question recalled seeing the dog aboard the bus throughout the journey from Nairobi.

“I was shocked when the dog came out of the bus…to be honest I have been wide awake all through but I did not see the animal at any time,” said Charles Chitembe one of the passengers.

Hundreds of onlookers milled around the scene staring at the dog which lay sprawling on the ground panting.

Others ,however, refuted witchcraft claims saying the dog could have entered the bus at one of the local bus stops.  “It is not witchcraft, it is only people trying to make something out of nothing,” said a passenger.

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