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In pursuit of happiness

We all pursue happiness in our different ways. Yes, I want to be happy. I want my family to be happy and give them the best that I can under the circumstances.

To the madam of the house, being happy means I need to give the family a place they can call their own. She wants the man of the house to own a home so that she can ‘feel secure’.

The little ones want all the goodies they can get. They want the latest trendy wear and to be taken out to some of the good joints around the city. They want dad to take them to some of the newest malls.

The kids want to go to these malls to play latest games and basically have fun. And as their father, I want to take them to the best schools that I can afford – it’s the least I can do for them. But here comes the dilemma.

As daddy, how do I meet all these needs with my limited pay cheque? As I try to work harder at my work place to increase my chances of climbing the elusive corporate ladder, how do I balance this with spending quality time with my family?

My employer ensures that I can be reached not only on email but on phone as well. So the other day, I had a tight deadline and had to work from home.

I was on phone for most of the evening, either calling or busy replying emails from it. My girl came where I was seated, took my phone and put it away and asked me to enjoy a cartoon she was watching.

I knew she was not happy. Previously, she had made a few comments that ‘daddy is perennially on phone. But I never knew that it would go this far.

I imagined that probably she would have picked the phone and thrown it out of the window; it had happened to a colleague whose wife had had enough of his ‘always on phone’ status. But what can a man do? Where does he draw the line?

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