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Norway confirms Westgate attacker

Norway’s security agencies have said Hassan Dhuhulow—a Norwegian of Somali decent—was among terrorists behind a brutal attack on the upmarket Westgate Shopping Mall in 2013.

“Our conclusion is that Hassan Dhuhulow was one of the terrorists. The investigation has been concluded,” Martin Bernsen, the head of information for Norway’s Police Security Services (PST) told Norway’s Aftenposten newspaper.

At least 67 people died and scores injured in terror attack on Nairobi’s  Westgate mall on September 21, 2013. Somalia-based al Shabaab terror group claimed responsibility for the attack.  Dhuhulow had been a suspect in the case, but his involvement had yet to be confirmed due to lack of forensic evidence.

He has now been identified by dental records. “The reason is that several countries have been involved in the case. It’s mainly the identification work that has taken a long time,” Bernsen said.  Prosecutor Jan Glent said PST had been waiting for the United States’ FBI to complete its own forensic investigation.

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