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Real Wanjiku Kimani ‘FemiOne’ away from the mic

Wanjiku Kimani popularly known as FemiOne is one of Kenya’s top female rappers. The Good Time rapper unveils to Spicers her other side, away from the mic

Would you rather sleep in, hang out with friends or stay or mash up some beats in the studio?

I would rather be in the studio recording and making music. Music makes me happy and the studio is where I get to let go and make great hits.

What’s the worst piece of sex or relationship advice you’ve ever heard?

I was once told that someone said it is okay for a guy to have side chicks as long as you know it is you he adores. I think that is rubbish. We all have preferences in life, but in this case let’s talk about men.

Who is your type of man?

He has to be tall, dark and handsome. (Laughs) But seriously if I like man I can overlook some things but at least he should be taller than me.

What is one priceless thing that you dearly value?

That is life. I value life more than anything else in this world.

What temptation do you always succumb to and never regret?

Junk food is my guilty pleasure. I try to eat a clean healthy diet but I have cheat days and I never regret one bit of it. Cheat days are important.

Which film ever made you cry?

Prison Break had some of the saddest episodes in the history of films. It made me cry a couple of times.

Do you have any relentless quest that motivates you?

I am driven by my dreams. I get out of bed every morning with a desire to fulfil my dreams and attain my set goals.

Would you adopt a child?

I love children so much that I would not mind adopting one.

What annoys you most?

Nothing gets to me like lies and dishonest people. I can’t stand them.

Which song or poem moves you?

The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill Album by Lauryn Hill contains the most inspiring jams that preach optimism. It speaks to me.

Who is your all-time favourite author?

Ngugi Wa Thiong’o is undoubtedly my genius author. His writing is beyond impeccable. I love his books.

Share your thoughts on abortion?

As a believer who follows God’s commandments, I am anti-abortion. The commandments clearly forbid us from committing murder and abortion is taking life. So in my opinion, abortion is a crime.

Would you hit on or propose to a man?

No I would not. Call me old fashioned but I believe a man should make the first move.

Give your 2 cents on those people who are body-shaming Janet Mbugua for being on TV while pregnant?

People should mind their own business if they cannot afford a shred of respect. It is her life, her body and therefore she knows what she is doing. Besides it is not distracting her from her work.

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