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Boniface Mwangi detained in France

With an influx of refugees being witnessed in Europe, activist Boniface Mwangi found himself in the centre of the crisis with his family as they were allegedly detained by French Authorities at the airport.

According to Bonny as he is locally known, he was detained because he did not have Schengen visas. Non Europeans are required to have special visa that allow them to move around these countries.

“So three hours later in the border police unit (where I had to be escorted to use the toilet, which doesn’t lock) they gave us new boarding passes for a flight leaving tomorrow morning.

We went to the Air France office after the police station ordeal with another Kenyan, Evelina Olago, who said they would offer us a hotel for the night, only to come back and inform us that the police said we couldn’t leave the airport,” he posted on social media. Spice understands that Boniface and his family left for Kenya on Friday morning, 24 hours later.

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