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Beijing triumph chance to rewrite our story

Nothing brings tears to my eyes more than the sight of Kenya’s beautiful flag flapping in the winds of a far away land. It is a perfect restoration of my faith and optimism that there is more to the false perception with which we are defined by the world.

The recently concluded IAAF World Championships in Beijing, China was a prime example of this overwhelming moment, not just to me but Kenya as a whole. Apparently, we all love to be associated with success and with a plethora of congratulatory messages from all quarters, I am bound by this spirit of one united nation, consolidated by a common anthem.

A time like this, I feel proud to be Kenyan but sometimes in a country prone to dark trajectories of inadequacies that often defines a people inappropriately, you are always likely to hide your face as a national, no matter how patriotic your verses rhyme.

While our relatively unique and distinct flag was flying high in China, thanks to the sportsmen who elevated us upon this high pedestal, I toyed with the idea of being the eyes behind the Cable News Network (CNN) or any other international media house camera to accentuate the beauty that is us, the black skin that intimately covers non-pareil abilities, potential and an array of diverse gifts.

IAAF World Youth Athletics Championship
Cali World Youth athletics championships.

Let this once-more victory of our brothers and sisters be the indelible ink we have desperately awaited to rewrite the sad stories of our times, to edit the commonplace misconception of who we really are. It reminded me of a line in one of my favourite poems “Though poor, we had our laughter…”

We are still in possession of a blank wall that is yet to be scribbled with negativities, let us write the pros, however minimal. The world is still waiting for us, to slightly turn the axis of these phases.

Yes, we are beyond what we are, we can rise from our dust, we can go further beyond our myriad of challenges, we can surpass even the so-called super-powers and calibrate on scales that will eternally be the default benchmark.

Kenya is not only a hot-bed of vibrant culture but a treasured hot spring of unlimited potential, intricately wired abilities that can source out much to the world. Even amid our problems, we should not dare lose hope on Kenya, let our imperfections be smothered by the immeasurable talents we nurture within.

Let the hoisting of our flag be a hot iron on the tender parts of our hearts that will purely rebrand ourselves for our children and their children. We can do better than being at logger-heads on the mere basis of our tribal proclivities and other insensible prejudices.

We can do way far much than the desperateness to heal the bare wounds of the past. We can sing louder than the voices of corruption and other trivial concerns pulling us down. I deliberately referred to it as such for we are beyond these uncertainties.

This is the beauty of our flag, an alloy of all our diverse tribes, a variety thoroughly blended and masterly fused together in the colour black; an embodiment of what we really are as a people, an allegory of co-existence through our travails. We can all intercept the resonations of this song and sing it louder than the world.

For I have never read our differences whenever there is a representation of us. We are one, a beautiful people singing in unison upon a dais mounting us higher than the world. We can still rise higher than we have ever imagined of ourselves; as we spring-board to the greatest of life’s provision. The writer comments on topical issues

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