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You are not plus size you are fat

Fitness instructor SETH ONYANGO explains that while it is good to label yourself plus size to feel good, deep down, you should admit you have a weight issue that you need to solve. Is it time to discard all those fancy terms and face the reality?

“Big bones didn’t make me obese, big meals did.” This is a true, yet painful phrase that overweight individuals have refused to acknowledge. This is because the society has become increasingly politically correct thus avoiding to call overweight individuals what they are – fat.

The society has instead drafted fancy euphemisms such as plus size, big, heavy or overweight to make the obese feel a little better about themselves. The word obese has since become a rather ugly tag for our ‘well-endowed’ brothers and sisters.

The downside of politically correct genteelism is that while they make you feel a little ‘good’ about yourself, they do nothing to enshroud or diminish the amount of fatty tissue you have on your body.

But before we all go judgmental, it is vital to note that this article is meant as an eye opener; a tool to help you acknowledge that you have a weight problem that you must address.

There is nothing inherently stereotypical about words such as stout, fat, overweight or plump; they are just a reflection of several lifestyle choices that with time, you can eventually overcome. For instance, why is it that thin people are called “small size” yet fat or overweight people want to be called “plus size?”

Do not be offended. Basically, much as you want to be referred to as plus size, you must realise the difference between being outright obese and being “plus size.”

Going by modelling industry terms, a plus size individual is classed as one whose size ranges between sizes 12 and 14, although recently size 16 has been accommodated into the category.

To be blatantly honest, anything above the aforementioned is downright overweight. The delusion that fat/plus size is cool is being propagated by people who are already overweight and want you to join their camp.

The Plus Size Beauty Pageant is one such trap that in recent past years has encouraged people to embrace perilous lifestyle, leaning on the plus size tag as their cushion. Folks, you cannot weigh like sumo wrestlers and call it cute, just because plus size is getting all the positive attention does not mean it is a good thing.

As a matter of fact, sumo wrestlers are better off because they exercise from time to time to gain strength hence despite weighing a lot, they are much healthier. You know you are overweight and not plus size if you struggle to find clothes that fit you when you go shopping.

Being morbidly obese is something you should blame none other but yourself. As you hit 80 kilogrammes, you will probably get compliments from people since you will be well endowed with curves.

These compliments have encouraged people, women especially to cement even more kilos to their frames, oblivious of the fact that the same people who encourage them to add weight are the same ones that will gossip about their obese figures. The painful reality is that you would most likely not reach your old aged if you are overweight.

If you are lucky, you will probably be battling a chronic ailment like heart disease, diabetes or hypertension. Being plus size is one thing, on the flipside, being overweight is another.

To clarify, you can be big but healthy. Legendary basketball star Shaquille O’Neil is one such person. If you are big or ridiculously plus size but you often work out, you are much safer compared to someone who does not exercise but cling to the deceptive clinical lie that ‘plus size is fantastic.’

In fitness world you do not necessary need to be relatively slim to be healthy. You can weigh 90 plus kilos but as long as you are hitting the gym, and the body is getting rid of toxins. The trick is to ensure you are doing something to get those muscles engaged. Walk, run, squat, and jump – just do something to ensure you are fit even with your weight.

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