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Meet Jack‘line’ of all trades

You only need to hear her voice to know her, but Nzula Makosi, a presenter at Milele Fm is a combination of beauty, voice and brains. Apart from co-hosting Bangaiza Show, she has her eyes on fashion and real estate as her brother Brian Makosi, a student at Multi Media University reveals

Why did Nzula choose to be a media personality?

She has always seen herself as a journalist since she was a little girl. She used to record herself on my mum’s phone. Anyway, I think it was her destiny and she went for it. She so loves what she does, which forms the basis of any successful dream job.

What would you say is her driving force?

Her two kids; Adrian Mwikamba and Amara Mbala. She loves them to bits and she literally lives for them. She enjoys spending time with them. Her kids are lively and active, especially Amara who blows everyone away. They seem to have a strong bond.

When she was a presenter at Baraka FM, she once topped the list of the prettiest Coast female presenters…

She is not a show off and so that was normal. Obviously, it was a plus for her and it worked some magic to her profile. The truth of the matter is, her humility in my own understanding makes her noticeable and her God given attributes don’t have to be flaunted to make her famous. To me, she is a role model and I believe she inspires many people.

Has being in the limelight changed her in anyway?

Not at all. She has always been a good soul even before she got into the media. She was always thinking about the family and how to better our lives.

We have come from far and no one knows that better than her. She is ambitious at what she does and the sky is the limit for her. So limelight or otherwise, Nzula to us is and will remain a great person.

Brian Makosi
Brian Makosi

Given her schedule as a career woman, wife and mother, how does she juggle all these roles?

I believe it is all about sacrifice and commitment. Nzula is dedicated in whatever she does and she knows how to prioritise.

She balances her schedule such that there is no clash. But her family comes first. What also works for her is basically having reliable and understanding people around her.

With her talent in broadcasting and looks, does she plan to shift to television one day?

Watch this space!

How is she like off the airwaves?

I usually wonder if it’s the same person I know. Out there, she is quiet and reserved preferring to recover the time she spends endlessly entertaining her fans and listeners. She always stays updated on social media probably to get further ideas for her show. At home, she is a family person who likes relaxing with the kids and her husband. As a lover of food, she always looks for new recipe to try out.

Who does she look up to?

Our mother. She always looks up to her and they are close friends too. Before embarking on any project, she seeks counsel from her. You know what they say, like mother like daughter. She strives to be strong for her children just like our mother was for us.

When do you get time to bond as a family?

We have a tight schedule and especially for Nzula. Getting the time for such an activity is not common. Probably, during weekends and holidays. But when we get to do it, we cherich every bit of it. It is always an amazing thing to be together with people you love.

What’s her favourite pastime?

She loves cooking, especially the traditional delicacies. She is simply in love with the kitchen. Her stuff is simply put, finger-licking, delicious and one cannot have enough of the meals she prepares. She also has keen interest in photography.

What do you consider her biggest weakness?

She is almost a perfectionist. She loves to execute everything on schedule and if at all those laid out plans don’t go to plan, she gets stressed up. I guess she has a standard way of doing her things.

Tell us things that not so many people appreciate Nzula for?

According to me, Nzula is the hottest voice on air, though I might pass out as biased. But the fact is, everywhere she goes, her fans remain loyal because of her charisma, voice and output on air.

What is her ambition in life?

Well, apart from striving to be the best in the journalism field, her ambition is to be an entrepreneur one day. She has interest in real estate and does it as a side hustle. She also has an eye for fashion, especially women attire.

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