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MPs launch caucus on evidence usage

A caucus advocating the use of evidence during oversight and decision-making by MPs and other arms of government has been launched. The caucus which involves members of both the Senate and the National Assembly aims at strengthening technical capacity of MPs and parliamentary committees in assessing and using evidence in their work and legislations.

The co-convener of the caucus Susan Musyoka said the initiative will encourage public investment in programmes that are effective and cost-effective.

“There is need to increase the interest of parliamentarians as policymakers to appreciate the use of evidence in understanding oversight and in the process of making policy decisions,” said the Machakos Women’s Rep.

Speaking during the launch in Nairobi yesterday, Musyoka said the House committees will be sensitised on ways to engage the Executive to access the requisite evidence and data that is likely to inform their policy decision.

While appealing to her colleagues to join the cause, Kiambu Women’s Rep Anna Nyokabi expressed optimism that the move will reduce wasteful spending by the government and assist MPs effectively manage CDF funds. “This programme will strengthen the capacity of key public institutions to provide the requisite evidence,”she said.

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