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Google launches digital matatus app to guide city visitors

Google in collaboration with Digital Matatus has launched Google Transit–a feature in Google Maps, which will help public transport users and visitors plan and easily access public means within and without Nairobi.

The feature will see users of the public transport means, who are about 3.5 million, get instant access to useful information on buses and matatus within their respective areas as well as directions.

The new Google Maps Feature will enable anyone searching for directions within Nairobi to have the option of planning their trips around the capital as public transportation routes will be made available as alternatives to driving and walking directions.

Google launches digital matatus app to guide city visitors
Google launches digital matatus app to guide city visitors

“Time is a limited resource and launching Google Transit in Nairobi is part of an effort to make data like matatu bus-stops, routes, number, schedules and up to date fare information, which will make it easier for Nairobians and anyone coming to Nairobi have an easier time planning their trips,” said Charles Murito, Google’s Country Manager.

Google Transit Map feature is available on Google Maps in the web browser as well as Android and is free on iOS platforms. This will see Kenya become the first country in East and African region and the seventh country in the continent to have its transit information included on the new Google Maps feature.

“We have around 130 routes and making this information easily available will ease congestion in the town. This also acts as a model on how to avail public transport information to other countries that also heavily rely on public transport,” Sarah Williams, Digital Matatus Team.

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