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Meet Njugush of the Real Househelps of Kawangware show

Cynthia Mukanzi had quite a laugh hanging out with Timothy Kimani aka Njugush of the Real Househelps of Kawangware show, who revealed his love for curvaceous women and much more

You’re stuck on a remote island with your son, pregnant girlfriend and mother but unfortunately you can only save one. Who would it be?

That is a very tough one. I think I would kill myself knowing that we will all die anyway instead of saving one and living with the guilt for the rest of my short life.

If you woke up next to actress Brenda Wairimu, what would you do?

I’d start growing dreadlocks. I’d make sure they are medium sized because it could be the secret to keeping her. Just a thought, but have Spicers ever realised Juliani’s dreadlocks never grow?

You’re rushing off to a job interview but on your way out you bump into your girlfriend, naked and serving your favourite breakfast. What happens next?

I might lose that job because I will definitely be late for the interview. But I will console myself that it was for a good cause. I will also know that God is real.

Why God?

Because he waited for my girl to do all her laundry and let rain pour. Of course, she can’t put on wet clothes.

Were you not dating, which girl on the set of RHOK would you make a move on?

Awiti. She has all the curves in the right places.

So you’re a curves man?

Not entirely, but they are an aesthetic bonus on the whole package.

What is one startling thing that you ever did while on set and still can’t believe it happened?

While still new at acting, I was so nervous that I collapsed and lost consciousness for a few minutes.

What rumour would you spread about yourself?

That I am tall, dark and handsome. Victoria Kimani or Size 8? Victoria Kimani. One good reason is because we share a name. Mateke sitaweza, plus Size 8 is married.

Have you ever been dumped?

More than once. One girl told me she had found a better man, so I pretended I was also thinking we should part ways.

If you could turn back time, one thing you’d undo?

I was at a conference and some guy wasn’t standing each time we were asked to. I made a joke about him not having legs only to find out he didn’t. I felt guilty but couldn’t take my words back.

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