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Graduation dramas are here again

Talk about campus dramas. Some we can handle, some we just need to turn to God in prayers, seeking the way forward. Take for instance a girl who is roommate to my friend.

Let’s call her Jane Mwende (not her real name for obvious reasons). She was admitted into university for a Bachelors degree in Education three years ago with the rest of us.

Jane is a cool campus girl but also a party animal; she can drink alcohol and hangout seven days a week, which means she is almost always nursing a hangover.

She barely makes it to class, so when the exam week draws near, she has to be busy photocopying notes and making ‘mwakenyas’ (cheat sheets). Unfortunately, bad luck visited Jane in Second Year when she got caught with mwakenyas in the examination hall and she was discontinued.

Apparently, she never told her parents about it. Her roommate, who is my friend, says she has been raised by a single mother, who also pays her fees.

The parent has no idea she has been discontinued so she keeps giving her money for her school fees, about Sh 50,000 per semester. She holds parties at school with this money and doesn’t go to class anyway. Not surprisingly, many of us hang out with her because she is our monied sister! I

t’s been four short years already and she has somehow been forging transcripts from River Road in downtown Nairobi which indicate that she is doing fine in school and even convinced her mother that everything is under control. I fear even Al Shabaab are getting birth certificates from those places!

Graduation ceremony is set for next month at Chuka University, and Jane is already Missing in Action (MIA). Her mother has been trying to call some of us to see if we know her whereabouts, but …most of us don’t. It wasn’t really our business but now we feel sorry for the mother.

Let’s just admit it; some people take the fun way too far. Joint Admissions Board students don’t do it that way. But students from rich families… can’t wait to see the end of the family silverware. After, their brothers and sisters studying abroad…

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