Constitution under threat from Jubilee, claims Raila

The country’s five-year-old Constitution is under increasing threat from government former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has claimed. He accused President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Jubilee administration of systematically-frustrating the Constitution since taking over power in 2013.

“Our shared goal of a stable, self-reliant and democratic Kenya is still far from being achieved. “Many are the people in powerful position who see no need to achieve the hallowed goals in the Constitution. The challenges that remain and the enemies of the new order are significant,” said Raila in a statement read at Orange House by ODM chairman John Mbadi (pictured, right).

The Cord leader claimed those in the forefront in frustrating the Constitution are the same group voted out in 2012 and with the government’s blessings have now regrouped to stifle the law. “The clique we rejected in 2002 when we elected Narc, has regrouped because its members are in power.

And they have proved that Kenyans were right in rejecting them in 2002,” he said. Meanwhile, a group of lobbyists has accused the government of failing to protect Kenyans detained in foreign countries. The group led by activist Al-Amin Kimathi claimed the current Constitution requires that all Kenyans, including those detained and jailed in foreign countries are well taken care of. He spoke when he led a group of protestors on the street of Nairobi yesterda

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