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Shades of a 7s party

All rugby everything; that’s the theme of this weekend. But just what kind of peeps will cross your way? Ruby Orimba and Cynthia Kimanzi have a field day at a rugby bash

What happens in NaxVegas stays in NaxVegas, or that’s the saying at least. Is it true? From ‘professional’ beer pong players, the guy who dresses weird for no good reason, the guy who awkwardly hits on everything that moves, the overdressed fancies, the drunk paparazzo, the sleeper, stealth hook-upers, the anti-social couple, The creative drinker, the one who could puke at any second…and here’s a who lot more.

‘Dandias’ or party crashers

They can’t afford bus fare or drinks but want to forcefully fit in. Whether it is by borrowing money or hitching rides, they will do anything just to be there. Guzzling alcohol they may not have contributed to buying is all they do. After drinking hard they blackout on roads, stadium bleachers or other strange locations.

Team Mafisi

Someone should really give a medal to these guys. Both young and old, men and women scan the arena preying on desperate, broke and drunk individuals. They come out in plenty and some are always down for a ‘good’ time. Nobody spends money on a stranger at such a place out of benevolence.

So that wallet bulging with condoms must be exhausted. However, older rich men give younger guys a run for their girls. They make grand entrances with flashy cars luring young girls looking to score a ‘good’ time. Who wants to spend time with a broke bloke when an unforgettable weekend is dangling right before your eyes?


The struggle is real, we don’t need to tell you that. Wallets, purses, phones, tablets and other valuables are not spared. Chances are the unsuspecting victims will be too drunk, high and dazed in the euphoria to notice.


What would the rudge be without them? They flow in with posh cars, latest pricey gadgets, blings, trendy outfits and large sums of cash just to try and steal the show. Others are there to flaunt their relationships or partners like trophies.

Let’s not forget the few that actually plan to have a good time. These particular persons booked their hotel rooms in advance, bought their booze before they reached the venue and even know which club they will be hitting later in the night.

They are the kind that walk around with the a bottle of Jameson or a Jack Daniels whilst refilling the cup any beautiful woman or friend that they meet along the way.

Rugby fanatics

This particular group arrived a day earlier and woke up early to find the best seats to watch the game. They’re the diehards that could tell an original rugby shirt from a fake from miles away.

Reality check

All in all people feel invincible until the party is over. Reality checks in when cloud nine starts fading. The body bears the brunt of over-indulgence. But when you think a nasty hangover and sore muscles are the ultimate price to pay, the Internet says otherwise.

What happens in NaxVegas…

Dreams are valid, just not all. Cringe-worthy pictures will storm the Internet the very next day. Thanks to the paparazzi and people who go to events to watch others clown around, every detail will be documented.

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