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Artistes join the anti-GMO bandwagon

As the debate on whether Kenya should accept genetically modified organisms continues, the fight against GMOs seems to have evolved and taken the high-art route, with a number of artistes now petitioning the Deputy President to help them in their fight.

“We have to wake up as a nation and take a sober stand during this debate. This is our country too and as artistes we cannot be left behind. The information being fed to the public is complex for them to understand and it is sad some of our political leaders have been swallowed into it,” MC Sharon one of the leading voices behind the petition told Spice.

One of the group members is veteran producer and hip-hop head Hiram Kamau, and the group plans on meeting with other like-minded artistes. Already, a graffiti crew is said to be working on murals that will soon be exhibited. The group has also started an online petition seeking Deputy President William Ruto’s ear on the matter.

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