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How do you furnish and decorate a studio apartment?

Let’s face it, while our dream home is a big house with all the space in the world for every room possible, one doesn’t go from living under their parent’s roof to a mansion.

More likely is that young people start out small, as small as a studio apartment such as this eight by12 square metres one at Eron Hotel. Located on Kirinyaga Road in the CBD – 100 metres from Globe roundabout, the convenience and accessibility an added plus.

So how do you fit a sitting room, kitchen, bedroom, closet and entertainment space into one, efficiently without getting claustrophobic?

The simplicity of the room is appealing with a uniform colour palette that keeps the small space from feeling too busy.

The white and cream is perfect as white walls make a room feel bigger, while the painting, colourful pillows, and black marble counter tops add textured interest without competing with the colour scheme.

Be careful however, to keep accessories to a minimum for a relaxing feel. A simple lamp in this case is enough, on the coffee table a flower in a vase can be used to bring life to the room. These apartments come furnished.

Don’t let the TV dictate the room arrangement like in most living rooms as it this limiting. Instead, such as in this apartment, why not let it subtly bridge the kitchen and sleeping area. The bright red stool is clever as it interrupts the eyes’ movement, making the mind register two sections instead of one.

The best thing about mounting the TV on the wall is that you can move it to face different sides to suit wherever direction you want to watch it from, be it from the kitchen as you cook, or as you relax on the mini lounge.

Mirrors are also a great way to create the illusion of space and in this case the top to bottom mirror on the wardrobe reflects light from the window into the whole room brilliantly.

The bathroom also has a large mirror that has the same effect. The walls are also divided in half by a tile-border, making the colour scheme a pleasant mix of brown, cream and orange.

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