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They say less is more and we couldn’t agree more, just ask stylist and fashionista Shish, writes Faith Chebet

My style is simple and outstanding. My current fashion obsessions are designer shoes and Louis Vuitton bags and purses. The five items I believe every lady needs in her closet is jewellery, designer handbags, lipstick in different colours, dinner dresses and blazers.

The trick to remaining effortlessly beautiful is drinking a lot of water and eating fruits regularly. A good beauty regimen is also important. I use an Oriflame night and day cream. I also try different products like scrubs from Tony Airo, which have been working perfectly for me.

I mostly shop online and make orders from outside countries. I have my designers who I have worked with for a couple of years and their outfits have never disappointed.

Fashion to me is a way of expressing myself. It’s more of a billboard to the world filled with imaginations and inspirations where one can be creative and can wear anything as long as it is comfortable.

My outfit is not complete without jewellery. It brings a brighter look to any outfit that one puts on. My all-time favourite piece is a gold chain from Sweden. It means the world to me. However, I am more into statement pieces.

My kind of guy should be the perfect example of a classic man.

One style rule that women break is pairing, take a skirt and jeggings. That a serious turnoff. I also hate the no eyebrow-pencil thing chicks have going on. They need to style up.

I splurge a lot on designer shoes. My fashion rules when putting an outfit together are simple: Dress the occasion and consider the weather.

Julie Gichuru knows her style. She’s creative and her choices of clothes are to die for.

My next fashion must-have is any Yeezus outfit. Fashion evolves and we should change with it. I get my inspiration from various blogs and fashion magazines. I love experimenting.

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