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Detectives impound lorries stashed with drums of chemical in city swoop

Detectives have busted a cross-border ethanol smuggling syndicate involving nine profiled individuals including businessmen and a top Nairobi operative.

The nine have been under investigation after the seizure of three ethanol-laden trucks believed to have been smuggled from Tanzania.

Although no arrests have been made, detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations based at Kilimani Police Station have launched a probe on the nine individuals, who are suspected to be prime masterminds of the illicit trade.

The People Daily has established that a forensic analysis by government chemist confirmed the content in drums stashed in three load trucks is ethanol after samples were taken for chemical analysis.

The three trucks, found loaded with hundreds of ethanol sealed drums valued at Sh30 million, were intercepted last month during a police crackdown in Nairobi and are detained at Kilimani Police Station pending investigations.

“The drivers of the trucks were not at the scene during the raid and no one has claimed ownership of the vehicles which are registered in company names. We have now zeroed in to identify owners and directors of the companies,” said a DCI officer.

Police sources intimated that some personalities have made several frantic efforts to have the lorries cleared without success. Synergy between spy agency, National Intelligence Service (NIS) and DCI’s office headed by Director General Major General Wachira Kameru and Ndegwa Muhoro respectively led to the seizure of the trucks moments before the chemicals were emptied into an awaiting truck.

The detectives have extended scope of probe to curtail an alleged scheme to process documentation showing the materials were bought from Muhoroni. “The chemicals are from Tanzania.

The sale of ethanol is highly restricted in the country and in this particular case, there is no proof there is requisite documentation to allow such business, given that no one has claimed ownership of the trucks is quite suspect,” said a senior detective.

The interception of the chemicals in question puts bare the dark secrets of clandestine linked to a multi-million-shilling alcohol making ethanol smuggling syndicate. Due to potentially extended scope of cross-border investigations have been shifted to ascertain probable existence of organised crime in ethanol trade.

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