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Success is 100% attitude

A positive outlook to life could be the difference between you succeeding or failing in life. It could also be the reason you get that promotion, or miss out on a job opportunity. We talk to various experts who share their views

Often times, you will hear someone comment on either how bad or well they were treated by a receptionist or a person they just met. People usually prefer to deal with persons who have a good attitude.

Comments like, “she has a nasty attitude, I’d rather not deal with her” or “her atttitude is so positive it illuminates the room,” are common in many conversations. But does how you present yourself to others have any impact on whether you succeed or not?

According to human resource expert, Sheila Kariuki of Resource Associates, attitude is everything and determines the direction the life of a person takes. “Attitude determines how far you go in life and thus controls us.

Overall, everything we do is driven by our attitude and perception,’’ she says. A positive attitude is easy for an interview panel to pick. Those who look and sound like they are excited about life are more likely to be given a chance at employment.

Such people are also more likely to get promoted than those with grumpy, nasty attitudes. The source of our happiness and satisfaction in life comes directly from within and is wholly determined by our attitudes. Experts argue that attitude as it stands is a very powerful element inside the human being that cannot be ignored.

Renowned author, Brian Tracy puts it aptly in his book, Think Positive, that good attitude is a step to achieving bigger stuff in life. “Develop an attitude of gratitude and give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something bigger and better than your current situation.”

Understanding the key components of success is crucial. A positive mental attitude could be the difference between life and death. “My father-in-law always refuses to seek medical attention saying that at 70, his life is over,” says Rita, who fears that his negative attitude will kill him faster than his ailment.

For you to soar high or rise against adversity, you have to believe it is possible.Optimism is key in creating self belief and building your self-esteem. A positive attitude will not only take you places, it is also contagious and those around you can feel the good vibe.

This would explain why your partner or those around you are able to notice your mood and act accordingly. Surrounding oneself with positive thinkers helps to build on your character and expands your thoughts. People like to be around cheerful individuals who encourage them to push their boundaries.

University of Nairobi Senior Lecturer in the Psychology Department, Dr Geoffrey Wango is of the opinion that pessimism or optimism makes a person. “The human life is highly influenced by the aspects of positive attitude or negative attitude.

Dependent on your upbringing and socialisation, it is likely that you will either grow up with an attitude of, ‘I can’ or ‘I can’t’,’’ he says. He adds that either at the work place or home, the culture of encouragement is paramount to boost one’s esteem to do even better.

“It is in the human nature. When people feel appreciated, productivity is enhanced. With the right attitude, the word ‘failure’ is not supposed to exist, especially if it discredits perfomance,’’ says Wango.

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