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Teething issues ahead of AGM

by People Weekend Team @Peoplesport

With about four months before the much awaited Football Kenya Federation’s (FKF) elections, concerns have already emerged on whether it would be a free and fair exercise.

The federation is expected to hold its Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Kisii in June 26 where the elections guidelines will be tabled, but two contestants who have already declared their intentions for the top seat, Nick Mwendwa and Alex Magelo called for the amendments of the federation’s constitution in order to make the forthcoming exercise free and fair.

At the moment, Article 25 of the FKF constitution says that the elections shall be conducted by a secret ballot, the names of the candidates for elections must be circulated together with the agenda of the AGM at which the elections shall be held. It further states that for a person to be elected as chairman or vice chairman, a simple majority of 50 percent plus one of the votes recorded and valid is necessary.

If none of the candidates obtained the simple majority after the first ballot and there are more than three candidates for one available position, the three candidates that obtain the highest number of votes will remain for the following ballot and should there be three candidates remaining in a ballot, the candidate that obtains the lowest number of votes will be eliminated and following ballot will take place with two remaining candidates.

The same article also states that the National Executive Committee (NEC) shall draw up an electoral code governing the procedure, conduct of elections and eligibility therefore.

The question on who will run the election exercise is silent in the constitution and the two top candidates are already demanding for independent body to oversee the exercise just like it was done in 2011. “The election cannot be run by FKF NEC, this has to be changed at the AGM and if the incumbent insists on this I will go to court to stop the exercise.

We must have an independent body to run the elections. “We have a chance to redeem the sport and make football a greater sport in the country and the only way we can do that is by having a just and fair election that allows the delegates participate freely.

Anything short of that will mean it is a null and void exercise,”said Magelo. His sentiments were echoed by Mwendwa who said the exercise would only be free and fair if it was run by an independent body.

“If the Independent Electoral Board Commission (IEBC) is busy to run the exercise, each candidate for the top seat should be allowed to propose one person to form the election board to make the exercise free and fair or else it would be a sham,” said Mwendwa.

Other participants who have showed interests for the federation leadership include the elder brother of star striker Dennis Oliech, Ken Oliech, Sirisia MP John Waluke and former Presidential running mate Ronnie Osumba.

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